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Nelson Mandela once said, “education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.” Since the inception of the Unit platform, the mission of Unit has been to change the world using education, communities, and tokenomics. The Unit Masters Program is the educational arm of Unit that provides fundamental education on Blockchain technology to help students better understand Web 3.0, cryptocurrencies, and digital assets. As a new member of the Unit network, and as a recent student to the Unit Masters classes, I can share with you my experience and first-hand knowledge, based on the application and usage of the program, and the positive results I am already seeing.

My crypto experience started several months ago with my first initial investments into Shiba Inu and Ethereum. Even though I had invested in various Blockchains, understanding how those investments worked was a whole other matter. Occasionally, I would speak with friends and family about investing in digital assets, gaining insight into the fears and hurdles they were facing. The essence of these hurdles was just a lack of education or understanding, which increased their uneasiness about how digital assets worked and what protected their money on the Blockchain. It was the same uneasiness I was feeling as I ventured further into the Blockchain and Web 3.0.

The Unit Masters Cohort 7 taught me the fundamentals of decentralization and how the Blockchain worked within my investments. The bi-weekly classes consisted of two dichotomous halves, with one being focused on learning about the Blockchain through readings, writings, and group study while the other half focused on presentations given by influential speakers on a wide range of subjects, ranging from Web 3.0, decentralization, Blockchain, staking, validation, smart contracts, DAAPS, trustless protocol, DeFi, immutability, block creation, consensus algorithms, cryptography, 51% attacks, DAO’s, the metaverse, NFT’s, and the future of UNIT.

Gaining a greater insight and acumen in reference to the Blockchain helped me understand not only the complexities surrounding UNIT’s infrastructure, but other companies as well, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polkadot, and others. However, one of the biggest benefits I received from the classes was the weekly discussion groups, which were self-organized with other bright-minded entrepreneurs from around the world, and gave me the opportunity to share my thoughts, experiences, questions, and comments. By collaborating in these dialogues, I was able to offer personal insights which I had absorbed that week while taking away key insights from my fellow classmates. This collaboration amongst students was perhaps the most valuable part of the program.

So, how has the course impacted my life, and what has changed in my life upon completion of the Unit Masters classes? I can answer this by sharing my first-hand knowledge and experiences, all of which are based on the application and usage of the program. First and foremost, the class has enabled me to speak confidently to my friends and family when explaining digital assets and how they work on the blockchain. Before the class, I understood very little and was reticent when being asked even the most basic of questions concerning blockchain technology. The class has empowered me with the ability to help people understand the basics of cryptocurrency and how cryptography protects these investments on the blockchain.

The other major impact that these classes had on me was that as the classes progressed, the more I understood the vision of Unit and the many aspects which makes Unit unique and more innovative than the competition. This knowledge has accomplished two changes in my life, both of which will shape my future significantly. The first thing was my decision to invest into Unit with my personal funds, after seeing the vision that Unit has and wanting to be part of its growth forward. Secondly, and perhaps the most important decision, was that I was able to join the Unit community as a pioneer, helping to build the Unit platform, specifically, with the Unit news organization. These decisions could not have happened, without the help of the Unit Master’s program, which taught me to understand and appreciate the vision Unit has and the future it has in store for us.

I would like to close this article with a quote from co-founder Michael Healy, “Unit Masters is a program where we allow experts and providers, or even people who have a vision, to come into our program where we guide them with the support of our mentors and advisors to help them become a successful provider within the ecosystem. As well as in the future, becoming a micro-entrepreneur where they are mentoring and supporting each other and who are providing real products and services. We do these batches, which run from a few weeks to a few months, during which we hope that our master’s members gain not only in personal development, but benefit professionally and are inspired to help other people in the ecosystem.” (Michael Healy/Unit Co-Founder)

In this age, innovation drives new technology, and the world we live in is getting smaller due to globalization, the ever-expanding reach of the Internet, and the creation of Blockchain technology. I am currently exploring the greater Unit Network, Unit Ventures, Unit News, and Unit Foundation so that I can participate in building the emerging token economy.

If you wish to sign up for Unit Masters Cohort 8, you can do so through this link.

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