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Back in the mid-1980s when the internet was born, many thought they would never, ever use this strange and cryptic invention. People avoided learning the basics of the way the internet worked, thinking that it was far too complex and something that would only be used by governments and organizations at the caliber of NASA. Today, nearly four decades after the internet came to be, most of us around the globe cannot imagine living without it. Much like the birth of the internet (Web1), we are currently living through the birth of a life-changing invention: blockchain (Web3), where cryptocurrencies (crypto) can be created. In recent years, governments, big banks, and individuals have all shown an interest in the world of cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance (DeFi), and blockchain.  

Learning about crypto now while it is still fresh is akin to having learned about Amazon back in the ‘90s, never mind investing in Amazon at such an early stage. The crypto world holds that very same potential and may set you up for success down the line, and can even lead you to early retirement through this new digital asset class. However, without any proper guidance, obtaining crypto knowledge can be a daunting challenge. Regardless of how you get involved with cryptocurrencies, whether it be investing, trading, or even creating your own, crypto education is a critical component of the learning curve in this intricate space. Whichever category you belong in, crypto knowledge is power. 

As a layer 1 blockchain built using the Substrate framework by Polkadot/Web3 Foundation, Unit Network (Unit’s tokenization platform) emphasizes the importance of cryptocurrency education as an essential aspect to accelerating the growth of crypto adoption and tokenization of assets. Acquiring an understanding through cryptocurrency education will help the global community to grasp the transition between legacy systems and decentralized finance protocols. When people understand the purpose of cryptocurrency and how it can democratize access to capital, they can expect to believe and invest in it therefore, driving the economy toward blockchain.

Unit continues to inspire, educate and connect pioneers of this new economy through its Unit Masters program. It’s free of cost, offers “blockchain-literacy”, and reduces barriers to entry in only 6 weeks. The Masters program is designed in a way that an individual can spend 3 hours of time per week to understand the key features of the economy of the future, build their own business, while improving their well-being. 31.1% of our correspondence who have gone through the Unit Masters program are currently employed while the other large chunk of 29.4% are self-employed/freelancers. This program has a very flexible pace as 73.7% of the correspondence are also still in the productive age, between 25-50 years old.

The core elements of the Unit Masters program consists of Self-Paced Online Learning, Live Mentoring Sessions with Pioneers of the New Economy (inspiration through entrepreneurs from the field), Structured Crypto-Coaching (guidance through an experienced facilitator), and Self-Organized Study Groups.

Every two months, Unit offers this simply structured 6 week learning program to onboard the new economy. The curriculum of the program covers Decentralization & Internet of Value in the first week, Stakeholders of the New Economy in the second week, Blockchains, Protocols, Incentives Alignment in the third week, Exchanges, DeFi and NFTs in the fourth week, Stakeholder Capitalism & Sustainability in the fifth week, and A Token Driven Economy in the sixth week.

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