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Crypto Ski week is a week-long event for the “Web 3 community”, enabling participants to experience their time together in nature, during day-time activities. Towards night, these guests join in on thought-provoking discussions at popcorn speaker sessions.

Here are some highlights from this event:

  • Feedback from some participants: (What I appreciated /enjoyed most about Crypto Ski Week is..)    
    • Learning from informed individuals participating in the blockchain space and connecting with a great community!
    • The way it was organized as a no agenda meet-up works perfectly to build good connections in an easy and smart way.
    • The openness of everybody involved to learn, grow and rethink!
    • The diversity of people that attended it.

Diversity of the Community:

  • Participants were from the following countries- Italy, Germany, Portugal, United Kingdom, USA, Switzerland, Indonesia, Netherlands, etc.
  • Roles and Professional backgrounds- The participants in the CSW event come from a diverse set of backgrounds, including but not limited to founders, CEOs, investors, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists. 

Through the use of these occasions, we allow the blockchain and crypto community to gather together to benefit from the collaborations and ideas brought about by in-person meetings. Understandably, in a digital world, it can be easy for people to feel isolated from the community, therefore by holding these events a sense of contact is created. 

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