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As the sales round commenced, Unit Network has received a fair review on several channels across YouTube. YouTube is a massive hub of content related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. Thought leaders within the blockchain community have created deeply engaged communities based on their YouTube platforms.

These influencers can affect serious change upon the cryptocurrency market Whenever a top blockchain YouTuber airs a strong sentiment on a given market scenario, it can influence thousands of crypto investors to take an action. Any serious investor within the blockchain space should absorb as much information and culture from YouTube as possible.

One of the blockchain influencers, CrypTorelli has recently released a video of the Top 7 Undiscovered Cryptos to 10x in 2022 he personally is betting on, including the risks involved, his trading strategy, and his favorite picks. Among those projects, Alec Torelli has stated that Unit is his single biggest bet for 2022 as he has been involved as an advisor and super bullish on Unit. He believes in what Unit envisions, which is the ownership economy, where everyone has a business model for their token which is backed by the bank and treasury that is underpinned by real crypto assets. By tokenizing business, the community could have the value of ownership of the business and grow the value of their assets as the business grows.

Dchained, one of the educational channels and online resources for various stages of crypto investors, also calls Unit as the new project that could have a transformational impact on SMEs using Blockchain Technology. As clearly stated in the title of the video: UNIT May Be Next Blue Chip By Unlocking Power of Communities, he also claimed that Unit has a concept that is very transformative to bring the real power of blockchain from the digital to the actual tangible real world. In his explanation, Uber, Seamless & Airbnb were brought in as a comparison in the time while new technology is often doubted as it first emerged. By making it easy for companies, industries, and even cities to tokenize, Unit Network is not only using blockchain in a transactional way but also as a way of fostering and holding up the community.

Not only is it getting more and more support across YouTube, but Unit has also actually established its own UNIT channel where anybody can access various recordings of activities happening in the Unit community, including the Unit World Conferences and Unit Masters classes.​

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