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Once upon a time, there was a mother of two children; for the sake of this discussion, we’ll refer to her as Daniela. During her maternity leave, Daniela decided to continue her education and while doing so she accidentally stumbled across a concept that was completely foreign to her at the time: “the blockchain.” She decided to pursue this new discovery and the more she explored it, the deeper she wanted to delve into it. Once again, completely by accident, she came across a LinkedIn post to participate in a free 6-week “blockchain skills” program called “Unit Masters.” So, without hesitation, she signed-up for the program and this is where the real fairytale began. 

As previously mentioned, Daniela was a mother of 2 which led to difficulties attending every live session on-time. Fortunately, the program was designed to be highly flexible so she was able to watch each session at times when it was most convenient for her, perfectly fitting into her lifestyle as a busy mother. This remained true for the assignments that she was given during the program and this is where she was able to build her knowledge of crypto-currency. 

Curious as to what Daniela had learned? 

Before the program, she did not know that apps could be based on blockchain technology without anyone noticing. She wasn’t aware that blockchain was a main part of Web3 (next to AI and edge-computing). As a matter of fact, she didn’t know much about Web3 at all. She learned all of that information regarding crypto-currency and more. Moreover, it surprised her how vast the entire crypto world was already despite it being in its infancy! Furthermore, she was inspired by the amazing speakers of the industry who helped her to learn about crypto. In the beginning, Daniela was attending the program only because she was looking for a structured way of learning about blockchain. However, what she discovered was so much more than that.

One of the most significant aspects of the blockchain community was their overwhelming spirit. The community had an “everyone helping everyone” mentality which blew her away! Moreover, she felt that the importance that they had given to innovative power was amazing as there seemed to be no creative “right” or “wrong” mindset. Not to mention, she had never experienced anything like the passionate energy that the community possessed. When Daniela had joined her first live mentoring session she found like-minded people right from the start. The following days felt like a rush to her as Daniela’s network of contacts multiplied within that short period of time. 

After Daniela had published some posts about what she had learned and experienced during the Unit Masters program, one core team member of Unit noticed her and came up with an idea: Daniela could share her key takeaways from each session of the program on the Unit LinkedIn channel. Of course, she felt flattered and with great pride, accepted the task. Once being curious about how it would all work out, Daniela was very surprised at how straightforward the collaboration ended up being. She really enjoyed working with the team. 

However, this wasn’t the only positive aspect of the Unit Masters program and its community. There were several others that Daniela had observed:

1. The program itself was designed in a clever and meaningful way.

2. Those involved with the program interacted in a very respectful manner.

3. It was possible for anyone who was a part of the program to bring in new ideas or suggestions for improvement and directly participate in the implementation of those ideas.

4. Any person who is interested can directly jump into the token economy of Unit and be as supportive or as involved as they can or want to be.

While being a part of the team during Unit Masters, Daniela wondered how she could be more active in the Unit network especially after her journey through the program. She really loved the idea of Unit’s token economy but did not know how to get involved. The simple answer was “asking.” Daniela simply asked one of the Co-Founders of Unit and shortly after she was right in the thick of it. From then on, Daniela was supporting the establishment of a core team including the organization of a conference for the “HER” economy token of Unit. Even with her limited time, she just couldn’t keep herself from getting more involved in the blockchain world.

To think, Daniela only joined the program to get a better understanding of blockchain yet look where she ended up…So, could we say that her story ended and she lived “happily ever after?” In reality, it turns out that this wasn’t just a fairy tale after all but rather a curious mother’s experience that forever has the potential to change more than just one life.

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