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A lot has been said this year about the energy consumption in blockchain. 

That’s because the first crypto protocols still use proof of work (PoW), which requires large amounts of energy to determine which validators will mine new blocks.

Unit Network uses proof of stake (PoS).  PoS determines the validator based on the number of tokens owned and staked. The more tokens a validator has, the more likely it is to be chosen to validate – and that prevents wasted resources by making the process more efficient. 

That’s not the only way of making Web3 more sustainable.  Many projects are creating impactful DAOs and tokens to further sustainability goals such as carbon sequestration, ocean conservation, and recycling.

Like RECY, a mission-driven token community built on Unit Network that is laser-focused on channeling human ideals and energy toward freeing the oceans of plastic and the planet of waste 

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