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“There is value in community.” These words had a great impact on me. When I first heard them spoken, I tried to debate with myself as to whether they were true or not, asking myself “How could there be value in community?” The answer is simple: a creator needs a community. This is true because having a group of like minded individuals helps them grow. Community also provides an audience of people who want to see new iterations of whatever kind of niche they create content for. In most cases, however, creators benefit more than their community. But what if we were to say that there was a way for a creator and their community to help each other so that everyone benefits from the creation of content? 

Recently, I was given the opportunity to watch the World Dubai Forum and as I saw one presentation after another, one word seemed to stand out to me: collaboration.

Take One Step at a Time

To “take one step at a time” is what I’ve always remembered to be some of the best advice that I’ve ever been given. In life we don’t know what the future holds but we do dream of what we want the future to be like for us right? Listening to the world Dubai forum inspired me to take a step outside of my comfort zone. It’s interesting because we have the technology now to do so much more than we could before and what do we normally do with it? Most of us spend time watching or skimming social media like Facebook, Instagram or Youtube for entertainment. But, do we truly benefit from it? To a certain extent, we could say “Yes, we sometimes do benefit from that” and it’s true because we can learn from what we find on social media or Youtube.

However, what if we could take it further and use social media to help us gain more knowledge, share what we learn and truly be a significant part of the content we enjoy on social sites instead of just watching others? Does this mean that we could also contribute to creative content by being seen and viewed as an inspiration to others who create? This idea might seem too high of a goal to reach because I feel that I, myself, am not there yet personally but I believe that even in a small way we can be an inspiration to others, especially to whom we love.

 During the World Dubai Forum, I really appreciated how Ms. Ann shared a little about the story of her parents being curious and making their dreams become reality. Mostly because of the lack of resources and other responsibilities we tend to give up on our dreams and this is when the advice to “take one step at a time” comes into play. Being curious and learning from others will help us to do better so that we can take our first step. Ms. Ann made an awesome point, explaining that “when leaders create the space of opportunity for people to come together and collaborate to paint their dreams into reality….. its creating that environment for people to explore their creativity, to thrive.” Any of us can play the role of that leader who inspires and helps others, we just have to take that first step.

Vision, Unity, Trust

Admittedly, I didn’t think collaboration would be good for anyone because we as people are imperfect and tend to do things for ourselves. Many would agree that we live in a world where selfishness is prevalent and many of us are encouraged to live life with a “me first” attitude. The simple solution to us having trouble reaching our dreams is collaboration. The thought of collaboration was brought out during the forum with each presentation and I felt that this was impactful because it would not only involve vision but also unity and trust. It involves vision because this is where our imagination works and grows. Unity helps us connect with others to make that vision happen and trust helps us to implement our vision together with confidence in a safe and free environment. 

The question is: How can we make this happen? Technology today is so advanced that even when we are isolated from one another during a pandemic we can still connect to others around the world. So, shouldn’t it be possible to connect and collaborate with others without leaving our home? How could we do that? It would take creative vision and trust to allow us to collaborate this way in unity.

An Open Invitation

Collaboration is an open opportunity for everyone to truly benefit and have fun with what they do. No man is left behind, stranded on an island alone. The positive and unselfish mindset behind this effort is touching as Ms. Reeds brought out that Unit would not stop “until ‘all ours’ becomes ‘I am’ becomes ‘we are.’” We can make things possible if we work as a Unit. 

Mr. Michael Healy, founder of Unit, is young and humble, inviting everyone to “reach out” and become a part of Unit.  Unit is a DAO that helps to empower and create a new token economy. This is an organization where everyone involved can share with each other. Isn’t it good to be part of a community and have a share without worrying about having thousands or millions in your bank before you can even be involved? Unit believes in a community where everyone can connect with each other. I admire their desire to collaborate and utilize what people build and have fun creating to give back so that the community benefits. This is a platform for everyone. I really appreciate how Melanie encouraged everyone to “get involved and test it out,”  because it felt like she was inviting me as well as those listening to try becoming a part of Unit. Her words encouraged us to stop being afraid of trying something new that we don’t know because there are people that can help us in this community and eventually we can help others too. This is Unit, the new space for everyone to create what we are passionate about, build a community that we can all engage with and collaborate together in the digital world.

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