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Consensus: The Festival for the Decentralized World

By June 9, 2022No Comments

With the advancements throughout the crypto industries, this year’s upcoming 2022 Consensus festival will be held in Austin, Texas, designed to showcase all that crypto has to offer. Expected to take place from the 9th to the 12th of June, events and parties will be held before and after this event. All attending can look forward to hearing and listening to this world’s most brilliant and influential voices. 

Unlike other conferences, this is the only leading festival to cover all ranges of crypto, Web 3, the blockchain, and metaverse. Hosted by CoinDesk, the most trusted and impactful information platform for the digital world and community, Consensus is the largest and longest-running crypto festival globally.

In addition to 5k attendees , you can see the coverage from all the major media groups, including CNN, CNBC, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, and so much more. Further, members of the UNIT team will be there to welcome the crypto community. Meeting at the Consensus are Thy-Diep Ta (Yip), Michael Healy, Joe Rotondi, Katia Miroshnikova, Shelton Beascochea, and Chad Skeers.

Experience Highlights that will be introduced at the festival:

  • Sport Court (Presented by Chain)-  Athletes, teams, leagues, marketers, and brands discuss the vast growth and opportunities in sponsorships, partnerships, NFT projects, and collectibles.
  • Metaverse Zone (Presented by Mythical Games)- Delve into the emergence of virtual   worlds and economies, featuring demos from some of the hottest metaverse experiences.
  • Talent Hub- Network and explore trends, in-demand jobs, and expectations in the high-growth, high-demand sectors of Web 3, crypto, blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, and more.
  • Web 3 Pitch Fest (In Partnership with Extreme Tech Challenge)-innovative new technologies pitch to a panel of industry experts. This competition aims to provide a platform for Web 3 projects worldwide.
  • Money Reimagined Summit- Investors and business leaders explore the financial, political, social, and environmental implications of a coming transformation in currencies and finance. This full-day Summit is designed for investors, financial advisors, policymakers, and impact entrepreneurs interested in ESG, CBDCs, and the future of investing.

This Consensus festival warmly welcomes all in the crypto space to come and join in this event. While being held in one of the most dynamic and visionary cities in America, those in attendance will be able to glance into the new changing technologies and communities of finance, culture, entertainment, marketing, governance, etc. How can you get involved with Unit at Consensus Austin 2022? Those interested in Consensus Austin are warmly invited to join Units Austin telegram group. You will be able to connect with our core team, attend Unit Community events, and gain first hand insights about our upcoming forums as well as learn about opportunities to engage in the Unit Ecosystem.

if you’d like to meet with us here in Austin, you can use this forum to get in touch with our core team

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